Phone words

Finding your Phone Word

There are many different kinds of Phone Words that have performed extremely well for their owners.  Below we describe some of the different kinds of phone words and their benefits.  When looking for a phone word that is best for you a great tool is the 1300 Australia Phone Word Search Tool.  You can search by category or you can type in words that match the types below to find your perfect phone word.

Brand Phone Words

One of the strongest types of phone words is one that uses your brand as the word.  This reinforces your brand and can pay big dividends.  This generally works well if your brand is already well known, but it can also work well if your brand is a leader in it’s field.  Some great examples of brand phone words are 1300 REVERSE, 1300 GOHARVEY, 1300 SUBARU.

Industry Phone Words

Generic phone words, or industry phone words offer the biggest scope for dominating an industry.  Imagine how strong a position Carpet Court has with 1300 CARPET?  If you want to strengthen your position in your industry and maximise your offline marketing an industry phone word is the best option for you.

Product Phone Words

If you are selling a particular product and want to ensure that your advertising doesn’t grow your competitors markets you should consider a product phone word.  Some great examples of product phone words are 1300 MOBILE and 1300 GUTTER.

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