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The best way to find your phone word is to run through the 1300 Australia Phone Word Virtual Rep.  First off the Virtual Rep takes you through the features and benefits of phone words.  It helps explain why phone words far out perform normal 1300 numbers.  After this the Virtual Rep will ask you a series of questions that you then provide answers to.  Once this is done the Virtual Rep then combines the terms together, along with some other popular prefixes and provides you with a list of suitable phone words, from the database of over 5000 phone words.

The other popular to search phone words is to use the search feature.  You can select your industry or category and look at all of the available phone words to help make your decision on the perfect phone word for your business.  You can also type in keywords like your brand or the products you sell and see if they come up in the search results.
So whatever way suits you best, you can be sure to find your perfect phone word.

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