Why phone words work

Studies have shown that phone words can increase response rates from advertising by up to 400%.  How much easier is it to remember a phone word such as 1300 GUTTER advertised on the radio than its alternative 1300 488 837.  Gerry Harvey is a huge fan of phone words and now states “Now I just laugh when I see people using phone numbers in ads”.  Listen to Gerry and find your perfect phone word.

Phone word experience

As many people know, in most industries Australia lags behind the USA by between 1 year and 10 years.  Phone words are another industry where Australia lags behind the USA.  Phone words are so popular in the US that the following statistics are possible;
79% of all 15 second radio commercials use a phone word

Phone words improve radio effectiveness by 14 times.

Phone words are at complete saturation in the US making it near impossible to acquire quality words. As with most industries Australia eventually catches up to the US.  You now have the opportunity to get on board early and avoid paying the huge fees that will be seen in the future, secure your phone word today.

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